cream rinse and dirt tooth paste

i can honestly say that i’m not sure my mom used conditioner until i asked her to buy me some when i was in the third or fourth grade. even then, she kept calling it cream rinse like we were living in the late 1950s. she has really course hair. how did she survive for 40 years? idk, maybe this is a false memory, but it┬áleads us to my point. Continue reading “cream rinse and dirt tooth paste”

9am: the first saturday of the month

boncouchif you don’t know or haven’t figured it out yet, i’m a mormon. or more officially, i am a member of the LDS church. it is a pretty integral part of my life, and part of the reason why i started this blog. if you don’t know what it means to be LDS or why that would drive┬ásomeone to start a blog with the sole purpose of expressing their daily thoughts and frustrations, Continue reading “9am: the first saturday of the month”