ok y’all. i probably should have posted this before valentine’s day, but i just gave this handcrafted valentine to my hubby over the past weekend. timing is everything right? i’m working on it. 

this february marked v.day number 7 for us. jeez, that’s a real number. a grown up, significant, 1/4 of my life kind of number. anyhow, every year i craft him a valentine that is usually cheesed out to the max and takes me waaay too long to put together.

i’m not usually so ill prepared as was the case this year, but alas, inspiration just couldn’t muster it’s way through the chaos that is my mind. when i finally did put together a fabulous idea P would not get out of the house so i could craft in secrecy. there were many an espresso machine to be installed last week, so i seized my chance to finish up my love note and snap a few photos to share here before i handed over my labor of love.

i will not bore you with a tutorial, but the possibilities really are endless. pinterest is full of ideas far superior to mine if a brainstorming sesh is in order.

here are the deets:

❤ cute little artwork by my sis in law

❤ textured paper created using the over app then printed at home

❤ tiny heart box from the target dollar spot (THE BEST)

❤ other supplies: scissors, mod podge, red glitter glue, paint brushes, imagination, & two dope queens podcast

now, before you mock my seemingly simple valentine’s diorama, think about this. i commissioned a piece of art, designed eight different patterns of paper, planned my diorama elements, hand cut and glued all the various shapes (even the tiny trees), designed love note stationary, and finally wrote said love note. it was a lot of work but i have no complaints. i really love my husband, and this type of crafting is right up my ally.

other than this, we keep our v.day pretty simple. our norm is to order in and watch a movie while we cuddle on the couch. or if we are feeling very fancy (which we usually are, it’s valentines after all) we bring down an inflatable mattress and tons of blankets for our movie viewing. class my friends. mattress-in-your-living-room-for-two-weeks-because-your-lazy-and-it’s-cozy, class.


one last note — since my v cool sis-in-law made that cute little illustration of us, i also had a larger print made and framed to hang in P’s office or the house. it’s pretty frickin cute.



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