banner-topyou guys, i have a serious emotional attachment to the moon. i want to be able tell you that everything is normal and fine, but when looking at the moon for too long starts to make you cry, things are probably bordering on bizarre. another thing: for almost two years of my life my menstrual cycle was in sync with the lunar cycle. (sorry if that was too much information, you should probably run far, far away from this blog if that’s the case.) as a result i had way too many conversations like the one that follows:

‘oh hey full moon. it’s nice to see you again. yep….uh huh….yeah, i’d love to hang out tonight….no, i will not go skinny dipping with you…. what do you mean i’m a prude?…. how can you forget that every time i see you it’s my leak week?…. sigh, whatever, public nudity is just not an activity that i’m comfortable with while my uterus is slowly destroying itself.’

alright, so that’s never happened. some other very cool things have happened though. i started to recognizing lunar references in literature, branding and multiple types of spirituality everywhere i went. i saw that throughout time and history the moon has symbolized the woman and/or feminine energy. how did i miss that for so long?

another thing that started to happen once the realization that the moon and i were one hit was the collecting of images and ideas for moon themed DIYs. lucky for you, i just finished one and wanted to share it with the world. I found the original instructions and to inspiration on a blog post from almost makes perfect, she’s got some rad stuff, man.

to personalize my wall hanging i mixed a little blue clay into my black clay to make navy clay (about a 1/2 ratio). i added some copper glitter too because… well… glitter. the pics i took didn’t really capture the glitter  *_*  so you’ll just have to trust me.



these days my period is no longer in sync with the lunar cycle, which is rather unfortunate. but don’t worry, my eyes are still prone to welling up if i stare for too long at that pale chunk of glowing rock hanging in the sky and i still feel we have a bizarre connection.

well then, have a great weekend guys. don’t forget to check out the lunar eclipse the night of feb. 10 or early morning of feb. 11 depending on your time zone.


One thought on “moon obsessed

  1. Love this. I saw it on the site you credited also. Awesome to see that someone else was able to replicate it so beautifully (gives me hope to try it lol). Any advice on how to get it to hang so they lay flat? Thanks!


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