what is this blog? and who is the mad woman behind the rambling posts and ecclectic pieces? in a moment of desperate searching for purpose, meaning, and belonging i hopped online to seek advice from someone, anyone, who was in a similar situation to mine.
eventually i did find comfort and solace, but i realized that there wasn’t a huge voice for people like me out there in the interweb blogging world. “people like me” meaning a person who is super normal, very mediocre, and perfectly ordinary but does not fit into any of his or her expected cultural norms.

ultimately, i belong to a very conservative christian church but i’m  married to the most wonderful man in the world who also happens to not be a member of that same faith. not a huge deal, but also a huge deal, right? not a huge deal for the day to day living of life in my happy home. huge deal in the social, extended family, and religious portions of my life. and this is just one area where i feel torn, like i have a vantage point from both sides of a line and there isn’t anyone else seeing the same things as me.

so here we have it. my sorry but hopeful answer to my own desire, and with any luck a help to someone else who needs a little something too. lets just be clear, this isn’t a place for apathy, or fence sitting. and it’s not place where everything is black and white all of the time either. i will not pretend to be perfect always, and there will no doubt be things said that loads of people disagree with. i just want you to know that behind the poor grammar, the purpose here is motivation, acceptance, and please, please, please joy and laughter. there has to be people out there that need those things. people whose everyday lives are normal but but their perspective on life is different because they are seeing things from both sides of many lines. sometimes, lines that blurr.

i’m brittany, by the way. welcome to my mad, mad, mad, mad world.


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