ok, i should probably let you in on what ‘jsyk’ actually means. i’m not aware of it being a commonly used acronym. if more people were inside my brain, i would use it regularly to mean: just so you know. its kind of like fyi, but better suited to my modern vernacular. this is my domain (bad pun i know), therefore i will use my ridiculous acronym freely and without bounds.


here in the jsyk category of the blog i will include short snippets of information that i deem handy, captivating, or fun. posts might include a link to a cool article. i may use this space for a short anecdote or rant. chances are, if i’m really loving something (food, entertainment, product, location) this is where i’ll tell you about it.


i will for sure share my opinion, but i wont try to persuade you or sell you on anything. think of it this way – we are very best friends and there is information i want to communicate with you just because, just so you know how i feel or what i think about the inconsequential things in my life –  that’s the kind of info that will be here, filed away for your use. but let’s be honest, it’s realistically just one more way for you to waste time on the internet.


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