bbackyardwell, now that you’ve stumbled upon my blog, i guess i should introduce myself. i’m brittany. i live in a little dusty desert town called las vegas, in the good old usa. i’m not a native here, and i must be honest — the hundred degree+ summer days can really get me down. but thank the shining heavens above, there is balance in all things and for about eight and a half months out of the year the weather here is killer. my journey to nevada started in idaho, lead me through alaska, arizona, utah, california, and finally here to the mojave desert. i dream daily for my home state of idaho, but have a suspicion that at this point nostalgia has tricked me into thinking idaho is infinitely more appealing than it possibly ever could be. whatevs, i’ll continue to dream, and dream big, about the gem state.

i have a really great husband and partner who we’ll cal P. he’s my best. five years of marriage leaves me with no complaints and many things about which to shout words of gratitude. we’re pretty regular people. we like netflix. i try to do yoga regularly, he has a hundred and one hobbies. together we camp and hike and canoe. we are both christian, but we don’t attend the same church, which has turned out to be both a really big deal and not a big deal at all. both of us come from big families raised on white bread, iceberg lettuce, hard work, night games with neighbor kids, and a ridiculous amount of love.

we moved to vegas to start our own company about one point five years ago. it’s been a tad rough at times, but overall things are going well. i barely get the bookkeeping and accounting done while P works tirelessly fixing commercial coffee and espresso machines in both small local shops and nationally recognized chains. we continue to learn more about being self employed every single freaking day. it’s exhausting. making good relationships in the industry and striving to be supportive of the the local coffee culture here in vegas is one of our top goals as we continue to grow our business.

our house is currently over run by three ginger dogs. gertie the golden retriever (4yrs) and two labradoodle pups (7mos) named ronda and loulou. this makes for at least an smidge of utter chaos everyday of my life, but also comes with enough love and loyalty to fill a person right up to the brim with joy and peace. gahhh, dogs really are up there on my list of life’s greatest.

i’m telling you all of these things about myself because i want you to get an idea of who i am. i know they are mostly surface-y and don’t really let you into my heart or show you my intentions, but they do allow you to see to the regular old human part of me. maybe you can relate to that. eventually, maybe you will like something i have to say. or maybe you’ll just laugh at my attempts to be relevant, funny or intelligent. in any case, here i am.


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