what about it?

what is this blog? and who is the mad woman behind the rambling posts and ecclectic pieces? in a moment of desperate searching for purpose, meaning, and belonging i hopped online to seek advice from someone, anyone, who was in a similar situation to mine.
eventually i did find comfort and solace, but i realized that there wasn’t a huge voice for people like me out there in the interweb blogging world. “people like me” meaning Continue reading “what about it?”

jelly shadow yogurt kazoo

ok, i should probably let you in on what ‘jsyk’ actually means. i’m not aware of it being a commonly used acronym. if more people were inside my brain, i would use it regularly to mean: just so you know. its kind of like fyi, but better suited to my modern vernacular. this is my domain (bad pun i know), therefore i will use my ridiculous acronym freely and without bounds. Continue reading “jelly shadow yogurt kazoo”